Historic Eucharistic Procession to highlight 'unity' in community

The 2024 Eucharistic Procession to mark the feast of Corpus Christi will take place on Sunday May 26th. The historic Procession, which has deep roots in the Cork community, will begin at 3.00pm at the Cathedral of St Mary and St Anne (North Cathedral) and proceed via Roman Street, Christy Ring Bridge, Academy Street and St Patrick Street to Ss Peter and Paul's Church, Paul Street.

Last year's Procession, the first since the Covid crisis, exceeded all expectations and saw over four thousand people from across the city and county join the procession.

The theme of this year's Procession is Unity - bringing people together.

Speaking ahead of the official launch, Bishop Fintan Gavin further explained "You cannot have the word 'community' without 'unity'. This year's Eucharistic Procession will celebrate the unity in faith that abounds in Cork, as well as the need to foster further unity in an increasingly complex world,"

The first Cork Eucharistic Procession took place in 1926 under the auspices of Bishop Colahan. The concept for the first Eucharistic Procession was conceived to facilitate healing within communities which were deeply divided in the aftermath of the War of Independence and Civil War. The Eucharistic Procession has been a mainstay in the life of the city ever since.

'Last year's Procession was my first as Bishop of Cork and Ross’, Bishop Fintan Gavin continued. ‘It was very gratifying to see the huge numbers walking, playing a prayerful part in the walk and the celebration in Ss Peter and Paul's’.

On the day, large screens will be positioned to relay the Procession to those assembled, awaiting the eucharist, and to later broadcast the Benediction and liturgy from Ss Peter's and Paul's, ensuring everyone will be able to participate.

Bishop Gavin invites groups from across the city and county from new faith communities to join our parish communities including primary and secondary schools to be part of the celebration.

"The Eucharistic Procession holds deep-rooted significance for families and communities in Cork, which spans generations of faithful participants. Now, with new communities that have embraced Cork as their home, we have an opportunity to strengthen and celebrate our collective faith, while honouring our heritage. It is this unity in faith that will once again take centre stage in this year's procession as we look forward to commemorating and celebrating its centennial milestone in two years’ time."