Prayer to Our LadyPrayer to Our Lady

A Prayer written by Bishop John Buckley

Mary, Mother of Jesus and of all the human family, with great joy we call you Blessed.
Be close to us always.
May no day pass without a prayer to you in our hearts and on our lips.
May you be a mother to us throughout all the years of our lives,
a mother ever ready to help us.
Stay with us, Mary,
when there is peace at home,
when joy and happiness make life easy.
Stay with us, Mother,
whenever we have sickness in the home;
it is then we need you most.
Should death come to any member of the family, old or young,
then comfort us in our grief and wipe away our tears.
And, Mary, when we close our eyes in death may we find you
waiting to welcome us at the gates of heaven. Amen.